Imaya’s Hamburger

Imaya’s Hamburger was founded 50 years ago at Nishi Park, Chuo Ward, Fukuoka City. The hot dog shop is located in a huge park, which is said to be the third most delicious hot dog shop in Japan. This year marks the shop’s 50th anniversary. The owner is 76 years […]


Overnight ferry with an onsen, karaoke & buffet

cruise from Osaka to Busan with Overnight ferry with an onsen Great way to get from Japan to Busan, by overnight ship with onsen and karaoke. The ship offers an overnight cruise that includes onsen and karaoke. The cruise provides an ideal way to explore the beautiful Japanese coast and […]


Daisetsuzan National Park

Hokkaido’s largest and wildest national park In Hokkaido’s biggest and most mountainous park, Daisetsuzan () thrives with rare species. If you climb the peaks of Daisetsuzan, you’ll get colorful alpine plants, active volcanoes, and a variety of plants and animals, including rare ones. Snowsports enthusiasts flock here in winter because of […]


The Nakasendo Way – Magome-juku Historic Post Town

Magome-juku is a beautiful example of a historic post town still operating along the Nakasendo Way which connects Tokyo and Kyoto. Sixty-nine post towns served as overnight stopovers for travelers, providing lodging, food, and entertainment! Unlike other post towns throughout the country, Magome is relatively unique due to its precipitous […]

Japan With Kids , Tokyo

Hagi Mohri Residence Ruins

Hagi Mohri Residence Ruins The Hagi Mohri Residence ruins are located in the Midtown area of Tokyo. The site is a remnant of the Edo Period, consisting of a garden and remaining structures. The garden has a nice playground and basketball court located right next to Tokyo Midtown. The rest […]

Japan With Kids , Tokyo

Tokyo Toy Museum

Yotsuya’s Tokyo Toy Museum is a hands-on indoor playground for children of all ages. Housed inside a former elementary school building, the museum has a collection of over 10,000 toys from Japan and worldwide. There are three floors dedicated to this toy center. Toy Square Red, a space dedicated to […]


The Captain Tsubasa train station – Tokyo Yotsugi Station‏

The Captain Tsubasa train station Almost every part of the Captain Tsubasa train station is covered in Captain Tsubasa’s art. The station platform, stairs, ticket gates, and characters from this popular series are everywhere you look. A football field floor has been repainted on the ticket gate floor, with pictures […]


Onigashima CaveHistorical landmark

There are about 150 people on Megijima, a small island not far from Takamatsu that consists mostly of forested mountains and two small villages. It is associated with Onigashima, the Ogre Island, where a small boy battled its resident ogres on the island in the popular Momotaro legend. A cave […]

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Shikoku Mura

Shikoku architecture open-air museum The Shikoku Mura is an open-air museum located at the base of Yashima Mountain. It contains traditional buildings and structures from all over Shikoku Island that have been relocated here. Farmhouses, storehouses, and traditional workshops that produced sugar and soya sauce are among the exhibited buildings, […]