The Nakasendo Way - Magome-juku Historic Post TownThe Nakasendo Way - Magome-juku Historic Post Town

Magome-juku is a beautiful example of a historic post town still operating along the Nakasendo Way which connects Tokyo and Kyoto. Sixty-nine post towns served as overnight stopovers for travelers, providing lodging, food, and entertainment!

Unlike other post towns throughout the country, Magome is relatively unique due to its precipitous surroundings. Travelers were forced to leave their horses at the inns because the road was too steep for them to climb, resulting in Magome’s name (written with “horse” and “basket”).

On both sides of the cobblestone streets are old residential houses with lattice-windowed windows, museums, tea houses, and souvenir shops, which recall the post-town of the Edo period.


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